corbett view resort

 About Corbett View Resort

The Corbett view resort offers you a stay in the mud hut cottages with the thatched roofs in a remote village. It is a stay in the wilderness close to the protected areas and the nature reserves. Spread over the 12 bighas of land the resort is located within the Jim Corbett National Park and is surrounded by electrified fencing for your safety in a dense island of various varieties of the wild trees and the plants growing naturally with the cottages being placed haphazardly all over. The Mountain range of the Corbett has a seasonal pebble river bed on one side and the deep teak and Sal jungle on the other side.


The stay at a Corbett view Resort in the Jim Corbett Park gives you memorable, an insightful and a cost-effective experience and also upgrades love for nature. The guides provided by the resort take you on the Jim Corbett wildlife viewings and the village walks too. The surrounding/core area of the resort in the Jim Corbett park offers a truly wild experience being full of alarm calls, which is an evidence of the big cats and the cat’s pugmarks. Traveling inside of the Park, the Visitors can move about in their vehicles within the park area after making the entries at the respective gates. The tourists can drive their own cars inside the Corbett or can hire the private Jeeps/Gypsies from Ramnagar. It is advisable to refuel the vehicles before entering the park as there is no fuel station beyond the Ramnagar. However, the capacity for this facility is limited. Walking or trekking in the park is not allowed except at the certain places.

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