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The places you should visit in Delhi

Delhi, the heart of modern India is amazing with its impressive monuments, mouth-watering delights and shopping malls, resorts near Delhi NCR . Delhi is the first destination for a glamor vacation Check out the most places to visit in Delhi.


Lotus Temple

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Delhi and go to the Lotus Temple; this beautiful building in the shape of a white lotus is dedicated to the Bahai religion. People of all religions gather here to pray silently and rejuvenate themselves, within the green surroundings.

The nearest metro station: Nehru Place

lotus temple delhi

lotus temple delhi

National Gallery of Modern Art (GNAM)

The NGMA reflects one of the cultural facades of India. While some of the museum’s paintings date back 150 years, some reflect different events in modern India, with paintings by British artists, Thomas Daniel and his nephew, William, of the 19th and 20th centuries

The nearest metro station: the Khan market


This fortress covers almost a third of Delhi. The ruins of Tughlaqabad represent the majestic lifestyle of the Tughlaq dynasty. Built on a rocky hill, the castle consists of palaces, towers and large reservoirs.

Nearest metro station: Tughlaqabad

Tomb of Safdarjang

Tomb of Safdarjung is the last “garden tomb” of Delhi. Safeguarded by the Archaeological Service of India, this mausoleum consists of several smaller pavilions known as JangliMahal, MotiMahal and BadshahPasand.

Nearest metro station: JorBagh (yellow line)



Purana Qila and the National Zoological Park

The Purana Qila is a heritage of Delhi, which portrays a mixed Hindu-Islamic architectural style. While the great entrance and walls of the fortress were built by the Mughal emperor Humayun, the arches and supports of the castle were completed by Sher Shah Suri.

The National Zoological Park of Delhi is a place of fun for children. The park is in the vicinity of Purana Qila. It shelters nearly 200 species of fauna here; some species are brought from Africa, Australia and America: chimpanzees, spider monkeys, African buffalo, lion of the jungle Gir and zebras are some of the popular species of the park. Tourists can also enjoy picnicking under the cool shades of 200 species of trees in the park.

The nearest metro station: Pragati Maidan (blue line)



Iskcon Temple

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the temple of ISKCON is an incredible piece of architecture. While with its 90 meters high, the Shikaras seems to reach the sky, the interiors of the temple are decorated with paintings representing different phases of the life of Radha and Krishna.

The nearest metro station: Nehru Place

iskcon temple delhi

iskcon temple delhi

Red Fort and Chandni Chowk

The red sandstone castle of Red Fort treasures the chronicles of 200 years of Mughal rule. Each corner of the fortress, from the huge assembly halls to the palatial palaces, represents the greatness of the Mughals.

The three-century-old market of Chandni Chowk is located near the Red Fort. You can feel the Mughal era with the exotic collection of natural perfumes (known as Attar), silver, gold and pearl jewelry.

The nearest metro station:  Chandni Chowk (yellow line)

red fort Lal Quila delhi

red fort Lal Quila delhi

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How to get to New Delhi?

When we travelled there were no flights between Spain and India, although now there is a direct connection between Madrid and New Delhi with Air India. In addition, you can stop at any European or Asian capital before landing at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. In our case, we fly from Valencia to Milan. There we caught a direct flight to the capital of India with Alitalia.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is about 20 kilometers from New Delhi. When we were there, the remodeling of the airport had not yet started, yet we arrived at odd hours and were picked up by a minibus to go to the hotel.

However, you can take a bus (the cheapest option) or a prepaid taxi that costs around 400 rupees (5.5 euros). If you arrive at the terminal at a time when the subway operates, it is also a great option. When we were there, the orange line was not yet operational, let alone the Airport Express Line, so we cannot talk about them knowingly.

How many days do you recommend being in New Delhi?

If your nerves manage to survive the first hours in New Delhi, you probably want to be part of the chaos and stay a long time to discover the city calmly. However, our recommendations are aimed at those travellers who do not have much time and who have scheduled a trip to India of about two weeks.

We were there only four days (three nights), a very short period, but well managed can serve you to see some of the main attractions of the city. The four-day stay in New Delhi was very short, maybe a couple of extra days would have been the minimum, although India is so big that you will always have to choose between staying longer in a city or stop seeing other attractions.

Is life expensive in New Delhi?

The prices of India are much lower than in Europe, so it is an ideal destination for backpackers or people with tight budgets. However, those travellers looking for luxury or exclusive experiences can also experience them in New Delhi. It is an extreme city in that sense.

As for shopping, New Delhi is a true paradise. There is everything and for all budgets in its bazaars, markets, shopping centres or exclusive boutiques. Crafts, fabrics, wood … that you have to be very careful with the con artists and be very skilled in the art of bargaining. Do not cut yourself, but pay a price that you consider fair for what you buy.

The first day we were in India, we spent the most money by far, since we lost many rupees with innocent scams or because we did not know how to bargain properly. At first it is difficult to change the chip and adapt to the Indian way of negotiating.

What to eat in New Delhi?

Indian cuisine is one of the greatest attractions of the country. Many places or street stalls can throw you back because of the appearance or the apparent lack of hygienic measures. Trust those who have tails and prepare the food at once, avoid overheating. If you take into account the recommendations that we gave you at the time to avoid traveller’s diarrhea , eating in India can be a unique experience.

To begin the gastronomic immersion in Indian cuisine you can order some thali , delicious samosas or pakoras. If you find it hard to take the step do not worry because there are many international fast food chains in New Delhi, although we always like to taste the local food. Do not forget to try a lassi, we personally love the mango.

Where to stay in New Delhi?

The range and variety of accommodation in New Delhi is spectacular. Most backpackers stay in Paharganj, but in all areas there is usually a huge number of hostels. The range goes from one night for very few rupees in a hostel to hundreds of euros in Resorts near Delhi. It is interesting to book in advance to avoid falling into the game of commission seekers and tourist’s scammers. Not even the most experienced traveller is prepared to deal with them.

We stayed in the centre of New Delhi, specifically in the luxurious Taj Palace. It is part of one of the most exclusive Indian hotel chains. Although it may not be the most appropriate to take the pulse of the city, we rested very well from the long trip from Spain and served as an oasis to disconnect from the deafening noise of the horns. Sometimes we remember that time of our trips and joke with the phrase: “do you remember when we were handsome, rich and young”. Here you can search for the best hotels for your stay in New Delhi.

What to see in New Delhi in three or four days?

Maybe we are repetitive, but three or four days a very short period to get to know Delhi in depth, it almost does not take time to adapt to the intensity of India. However, it is necessary to make a small effort to organize yourself in this chaotic city and make the most of your stay there. Taking into account that you will only be about 72 hours, we suggest what to see and visit in New Delhi if You are adventure lover then there some more beautiful places to visit near delhi 8 hrs drive from Delhi Camping in Dhanaulti :

Check more Here How to reach Dhanaulti   

We would start with a main course, a walk through Old Delhi to visit the Red Fort.

1- Then you can take the collapsed and noisy Chandni Chowk and get lost in the adjacent lanes until you reach the impressive Jama Masjid Mosque.

2- From there the Raj Ghat is quite close, where tribute is paid to the figure of Gandhi.

3- If you like this universal historical character, you can also visit the last abode of Gandhi.

4- Rajpath Avenue is no less chaotic, although it is wider and from there you can see the imposing Gateway of India. Nearby are the majority of government buildings.

Another area that you cannot miss is Connaught Place, a huge roundabout with seven avenues that depart from it. To the west is the first Hindu temple we visited in New Delhi, the Lakhsmi Narayan. All an experience

In the metropolitan area is the Qutb Minar, a beautiful example of the era in which India was dominated by Muslims, it is one of the first manifestations of Afghan art.

What places did you want to see?

In so few days it is impossible to see everything and we left want to visit many places. For example, the Lotus Temple, the Sikh temple of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, the Humayun Tomb, the Lodi Gardens, the huge Akshardam temple, the Hauz Khas Park or the National Museum among others. But above all we would have loved to have more time to wander and overcome that first overflow impact that India provokes. Sure we repeat.

How do we move around New Delhi?

The options to move around the city are very varied. Buses, metro and taxi, but especially the famous tuk tuk. There are also ciclorickshaws, but in some areas of the city they can not circulate. If you are very brave you can rent a motorcycle and mix with the tumultuous and strident traffic of New Delhi.


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Resorts Near Delhi

Top 9 Resorts Near Delhi For Luxury Stay

The bustling area of the Delhi NCR offers the experiences with its distinct places of an interest. However, many opt to sojourn at the charming resorts and hill stations which are close by. There are several options from resorts near Delhi to choose from; be it an adventure camp, the hillock stays, the heritage hotels or a wellness spa. One can enthrall in this happy abode of the Jat Rulers home at the Mud Fort Resort with a stay in the Kuchesar. (more…)

luxury hill resorts near Delhi luxury hill resorts near Delhi

Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts near Delhi: Too busy in work and want some change in your life? If yes, then luxury hill resorts near Delhi will be a best choice because here you will have a pleasant stay and you can enjoy hillock stays, adventure camps and wellness spa.

luxury hill resorts near Delhi

luxury hill resorts near Delhi

Delhi is a perfect combination of cultures and ethnicities. Here you can see mosques, museums, monuments and forts, all these places speak the story of the Mughals who once ruled in Delhi.

A great thing about this beautiful city is its place as well as it is considered as a destination place for most of the people and all the tourist places around Delhi are accessible.

holiday destinations near Delhi

holiday destinations near Delhi

Resorts: Best Place For Accommodation

When you think about travelling either nearby places or far places, first thing that strike in your mind is accommodation. Therefore, there are numerous heritage resorts near Delhi offer luxurious facilities to the customers at an affordable price.

There are lots of holiday destinations near Delhi exists and these beautiful places include lakes, hills, historical places, zoos, museums, etc. It is a perfect destination for you and your family because here you can gain knowledge about the history of freedom fighters and inscription of Indian history.

If you are planning to visit Delhi then you will find so many places to visit near Delhi and you will have an awesome experience. Once you reach Delhi, you will never face any problem in accommodation, transportation, food, or in anything.

You will find all things very easily. The resorts offer various kinds of food with an exceptional taste. Dishes are made with fresh vegetables and pure spices as well as the places also have a lush green farm lands which are having trees and gardens.

Here you can spend a very good time with your friends or family members, it is a complete package of enjoyment and knowledge.

If you are Looking to Book Resorts Near Delhi Then Call on this Number: +91-9999600365 ,  you can Also Mail Us: [email protected], [email protected]

Honeymoon destinations near Delhi

Who does not want to spend a relaxing holiday with his partner? There are romances and beautiful instruments. If you want to roam at an off-beat spot for your romantic holiday


Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla has been the favorite sight of the tourists as well as its unique beauty in India as well as its unique beauty. Here the cold wind flows throughout the year. In Himachal Pradesh’s capital and British time, summer capital Shimla is the most important tourist center of the state. The name is here named after Goddess Shyamala, which is the incarnation of Kali. Shimla is situated at an altitude of approximately 7267 feet and is inhabited in semi-circle shape. There is a beautiful view of the valley and the peaks of the great Himalayan Mountain are visible all around. Shimla is spread over a hill which is around 12 square kilometers. In its neighborhood there are dense jungle and crooked paths, where there are scenic views at every turn. It is also a modern commercial center. Shimla is an important tourist destination in the world. Here every year, a large number of people from abroad and abroad come to visit. In the snow-covered hills, there are beautiful scenes that attract visitors to visit again and again. The Shimla Museum is a unique example of the art and culture of Himachal Pradesh, in which various artifacts, especially architectural, mountainous pen, astral art, carvings on timber, ornaments and other works are collected. Shimla has a number of study centers in addition to the scenic spots, among which Indian High Studies Center, built in 1884-88 by Lord Dufferin, is very famous. There are also some historic government buildings, such as the Warden Court, the Garten Castle and the Viceragal Lodge, which are also a great place to visit. Chadwick Waterfall is also a famous tourist spot. Along with this there is also a place named Glen. The flowing waterfall and the evergreen forest near it are very attractive.


Manali is a famous tourist destination of India along with the famous tourist destination of the Kullu Valley situated in Himachal Pradesh state. Manali is situated near the tip of the valley on the national highway leading to Leh, only 40 kilometers away from Kullu in the north. This is a favorite place for those who climb on Lahul, Spiti, Barah Bhangal (Kangra) and Janskar mountain range. From the temples to the unique things, the panoramic views and thrilling activities from here make Manali popular among all weather and all types of travelers.



“Kausani” is situated north of 53 kms away from Almora district of Uttarakhand state. It is a beautiful hill station of India. This place is situated on the Pingnath peak of the Himalaya’s beautiful beauty, as well as the view of the top of the snow-covered “Nanda Devi Mountains” from this place is also very appealing. The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi called Kausani (which is situated between Kosi river and Gomti river) as “Switzerland of India”. Kausani is a beautiful hill station situated on an altitude of about 6075 feet from the sea level. This mountainous city is situated on the top of a hill between the thick trees and the wonderful views of the beautiful valleys of Someshwar, Garud etc. are found here. There is also a tea garden in this place, which is about 6 km away from Kausani, towards Baijnath. Tea in this area is very aromatic and delicious .Get some Beautiful Kausani Resorts

kausani resorts

resorts in kausani



How to reach

– Connected to Kausani road by Delhi and its distance is about 410 kilometers.

It takes about 9-10 hours to reach Kausani from Delhi.

– Nainital Kausani is 120 km away, while it is only 50 kilometers from Almora.

– The nearest airport to Kausani is Pant Nagar. However, the airport is also about 180 kilometers away.

– The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, from where the distance of Kausani is around 140 kilometers by Almora.

– Kausani is the best season to travel between March to June. Then the time of September to November is also good.


You can plan to visit Kanatal with beautiful scenery. This hill station is also known for its religious treasures besides its natural treasures. You can make plans to visit the temple of Surkanda Devi here. The temple of Surkanda Mata from the main city is about 5 km away. This beautiful temple is dedicated to Mother Sati, where you can reach a 2km trek journey. Apart from religious sites, you can also plan to see the Tehri Dam here. Close to Chamba and Dhanauti, this place is an ideal place to pass comfortable holidays.

In the canal, you can enjoy trekking as well as the camping experience. If you are passionate about adventurous adventure, then you can make a weekend plan here. If you are looking for a weekend package for camping near Delhi, you will find a complete package of luxury tents for the canal, delicious food and adventure sports in the hospital and other activities. You can also enjoy sports such as volleyball and badminton during camping. During the night camp, you can also enjoy bonfire, barbecue, games and stargazing.

Dhanaulti camps
Kanatal camp

Lansdowne – A Paradise

Nowadays everyone wants to go away from the crowd of the city to a place where he can live happily with his family for two moments of life. Especially when the sun stood on your head and at that time if you find a place where you can relax for a moment, then that place will not be called less than heaven. There are no two opinions that you cannot get all that you want as you go to a place like Lansdowne.

The journey of Lansdowne is full of adventures in its own right, especially during the summer months, where the sun is blowing on the other side, and the cold, cold air is touching your cheeks. One after another, the curved roads, the pine trees on the side of the road and touching the clouds, their branches seem like they have come out on the path of Paradise. As the distance from Lansdowne reduces, the heartbeat increases in the desire to see something new.

Lansdowne is the main center of the Garhwal rifle; it is mainly the cantonment area. Usually, Lansdowne is also known in the colloquial name as “Kalon” / Kalondanda. As soon as they enter the Lansdowne, signboards of large soldiers appear and their enthusiasm and bravery of them are filled with new enthusiasm in the heart. Due to this area being surrounded by barren trees, run to see where the barren trees appear on every side and for this reason there is cold in the atmosphere.

As you look at the turn of the market, Lansdowne appears almost complete and makes a heartbeat that Lansdowne will be reconciled in a handful. Stairs built houses look like the cards are kept on top of one and kept them painted with different colors. Shops made of wood appear one after another after gradually increasing towards the market. Everything reminiscent of old times as used in television. In the meantime, due to the arrival of tourists from India and abroad, there is a lot of buzz in the market. The crowd also do not feel crowded as if they are people of your own house, because a good practice of people also forces them to come again and again, but do not let go of what has happened in the air, even after coming once People like to visit again and again To say that is to be a market, but there is a road going down in the name of the market, on which many households get all the household accessories that are available in daily routines.

In this way, there is a chance to see nature and breathe in the fresh air. A few meters away from Vahan, the “Bhula Tal” lake is located. Seeing such a scene among the mountains, it seems like a dream. In the lake there are small boats floating in floating colors, as if someone has mixed the colors in water. People sit and enjoy their pictures, and their friends draw their friends, repeating this sequence repeatedly and adding another memo to their memories. White ducks floating in the lake seem like beads. Due to being surrounded by mountains from all sides, the length of the lake is not much.

Nainital -Paradise for tourists

Nainital is known as the Paradise of tourists due to its beautiful landscapes and tranquil surroundings. It is believed that British businessman P. Baron, in 1839, impressed with the hypnotized beauty of the city, making Nainital popular by establishing British Colony. Tourists who are planning to visit Nainital can also visit Hanumangarh which is famous for a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Apart from this, the Nainidevi temple is an important religious place which is counted among 51 Shakti-benches of India. Tourists can visit Picnic on Sunder ‘Kilbury’, located about 10 km from Nainital. A jungle full of green, oak, pine and rhododendrons make it a perfect picnic spot for the rest of nature. It is a natural habitat for more than 580 species of colorful birds, including Brown Wood-Owl (Owl), collar grossbeck, and white-necked laughing thrush. BattleContana, located at an altitude of 2481 meters above sea level, offers a spectacular view of the whole area for the visitors coming here. It is the second highest peak of Nainital which is located 6 km from the city. ‘Lands End’ is the most suitable place to enjoy the scenes of hypnotic scenes of ‘Khurpattal’ lake. It gives an opportunity to see the scenic scenes of the green and green valley surrounding Nainital. Tourists can travel from the ropeway to reach the hilly areas of the destination. Ropeways cover a total of 705 meters, and 12 people in each ropeway car can be boarded. The ‘snow-view’ can be reached easily by ropeway, it is an ideal convenient place from which tourists can admire the beautiful scenery of high peaks, covering the beauty and snow cover of the Himalayan range. Naina Peak, also called China Peak, is the highest peak of Nainital. It is located at an elevation of 2611 meters above sea level, can be reached by horse riding. Tiffin Top or Dorothy Seat is a perfect picnic spot where tourists can spend their spare time with plenty of entertainment. This place was developed by the husband of Dorothy Chalet (an English artist) after his death in a plane crash. Eco-Cave-Garden is Nainital’s second popular tourist attraction center that introduces visitors to the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Raj Bhavan, Zoo, Flats, Mall, St. John’s Church in Wilderness, and Pangot are other tourist attractions of Nainital. The cold streets, the Gurney House, the Khurpatala, the Guano Hill and Aurobindo Ashram are also viewable. Apart from this, tourists can join various activities such as horse riding, tracking, and boating along with other tourists. How to get to Nainital is well connected to various parts of the country by road, rail and air route. Good time to visit Nainital Summer season is considered ideal for traveling to this beautiful destination. – Read Less Nainital is famous for its famous

Hill-station adventure:

Tourists can take taxi fare to reach Nainital from here. Find Directions Air is the nearest air base for Pant Nagar Airport, Nainital, which is 71 km away. This airport is connected by regular flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi). Apart from this it is connected to all major destinations of the country. Taxis are available from the airport to Nainital. Tourist can also take flights for ‘Jolly Grant Airport’ of Dehradun, which is located 187 km from Nainital. Even, they can also visit Agra’s ‘Kheria Airport’, located 299 km from Nainital.

Nainital Mukteshwar in Weekend 51.2 km from Nainital Meerut 4 235 Km from Nainital Joshimath 269 km From Nainital Ramgarh 8 34.2 km From Nainital Mussoorie 4 307 km From Nainital See all Nainital Travel Diary Dates in Seven-Tables Enjoying Exotic Adventure Activities Nearly 1 hour away from Nainital, Seven-Tala is a very beautiful place, which you must walk around during Nainital visit. This gift of seven-rhythm nature is also home to many species of bird species. Take a trip in the summer holidays of the beautiful beautifully catechism. Uttarakhand is one of India’s most beautiful tourist destinations

If you are looking Holiday options around Delhi/NCR then Resorts Near Delhi ( is a hub for you where you can get all options of hotels and resorts at multiple places for honeymoon Couples ,family, friends and more. All resorts are very close to Delhi and best for corporate and Family. We would like to invite you to look around our Resorts, make plans to bring your friends and family! We are providing the all type of  Packages Near Delhi/NCR. Enjoy special events on certain days which includes folk music, Dandia functions, New Year Packages, Holiday Outdoors etc.

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hotels in munsiyari

Hotels in Munsiyari book offbeat destination near Delhi

The manger is the name of a small town that is a Tehsil and a Sub Division in the Pithoragarh District in the hill-state of Uttarakhand. It lies at the base of the great Himalayan mountain range and is at an elevation of about 2,200 m (7,200 ft). It is an also a starting point of the various treks into the interior of the range. The name refers to a'place with snow'. Situated on the banks of the Goriganga river (more…)

weekend getaways near Delhi for couples weekend getaways near Delhi for couples

Are you frustrated due to your busy schedule? Want some exciting break? Your weekend will be the best option to get rid from your busy, boring and frustrated life. In Delhi, there are enormous weekend resorts near Delhi are available which are actually refreshing and very interesting.

weekend getaways near Delhi for couples

weekend getaways near Delhi for couples

For making your work more easy, online websites are also available that help you to find the information about exotic resorts as well as you will get all the information about the resorts like its address, package, budget, etc. Moreover, you can do the online booking and website are the best option to choose a prominent resort as per your budget.

weekend getaways Delhi

weekend getaways Delhi

There are numerous gateways near Delhi, you can choose as per your choice. Outing places near Delhi are just awesome and it is available for all, either a person is nature loving or like thrilling activities or adventurous in life. One will get all these things at one place.

Romantic weekend resorts near Delhi

Romantic weekend resorts near Delhi

If you are planning short vacation or weekend then you can choose weekend getaways Delhi to make your holiday special. If you want to do advance booking then you can choose advance booking option on website. Most of the time, people will get the discount on packages offered by genuine sites.

You can enjoy various kind of activities with your friends or loved ones, such as trekking, camping, river drafting or you can enjoy the surrounding environment. Lots of wonderful places are exists near Delhi and you can visit there to spend your weekend or holidays.

outing places near delhi

outing places near delhi

It doesn’t matter that what budget you have, you can select the package as per your budget that means in low budget also, you can have a great time with your beloved ones. So now what are you waiting for, go and enjoy with your loved ones.

If you are Looking to Book Resorts Near Delhi Then Call on this Number: +91-9999600365 ,  you can Also Mail Us: [email protected], [email protected]

camping in mukteshwar

Camping In Mukteshwar For Your Adventure Tour

Mukteshwar is the town and tourist destination in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, India. It sits high in the Kumaon Hills at an altitude of 2286 meters (7500 feet), at 51 km from Nainital, at 72 km from Haldwani, and 343 km from Delhi. The Mukteshwar is the abode of a saint, Shri Mukteshwar Maharaj ji, who lived in the Top Cottage Temple where his samadhi is there. One of his disciples, Swami Sanshudhanand ji, now stays there. The whole temple complex is (more…)

dharamshala camp

Camping in Dharamshala  With Tracking Packages

Dharamshala is known as the queen of hills. It is 17 km’s away from Kangra town. You can easily find conifer and oak trees in the hill station. The view of snow capped mountains makes your camping mesmerized and peoples enjoy trekking on snow covered mountains. Each you are an adventure lover then you can’t miss camping in Dharamshala. While your camping experience, we will be there to provide you best service like proper accommodation, food and dining, ground sports activities and adventure sports activities. Best time to go (more…)