Camping in Kanatal

Enjoy Your Creator's Creativity In The Best Form Kanatal Uttarakhand

Enjoy Camping in Kanatal Under 300km From Delhi 25km From Mussoorie

The list of worth visiting places in India is very long. Among which, camping in kanatal are going quite popular in between the community of visitors. Since the place is situated in the middle of Uttarakhand and is not known to many of the tourist till last few years. Now, when the tourist destination is coming into focus and getting famous in the tourism industry. More and more people are getting attracted towards visiting the calm and quiet place. There are various options available for the people, to camp in kanatal with the best possible amenities provided to them. In addition to which, the nature is very friendly and beautiful in the region of Kanatal, that no one can escape the charm of it.
The place is very near to the capital of India and in the close proximity to Rishikesh, Dhanaulti and various other renowned places. Moreover, that makes it all the more wanted and famous among the community of tourists. In addition to which, camping in kanatal proves to be so affordable. So many tourists prefer to stay in the camps, for a night only. So that they can experience the pleasure of natural beauty and comfort. As reaching the place is very easy and simple, with any of the conveyance depending upon your availability. That is the reason, anyone and everyone can avail the facilities, offered by the tourism industry in the form of tents that are built up for the convenience of the visitors. Since the camps are designed and constructed in such a manner, that anyone can feel the attraction and satisfaction; while staying in the unique accommodation of kanatal.

Best Camping in Kanatal- Relaxation From Robotic Lifestyle

God has created everything in the specific way, that has to be done at every moment. Running around from home to office and going to home back daily, has turned us more of a machine rather than a human being. When every moment is calculated and tied to another one, we tend to forget about our existence and feelings ; most of the time. Life becomes a series of never ending work, that keeps people engaged all the time. Thanks to the almighty, that the concept of holidays exists. That makes people feel better and happier, while they can go to the best possible tourist destinations in the vacation time. It provides them with the opportunity to utilize their time with their family and friends. Dhanaulti is situated at the altitude of 8400 ft from sea level

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Get Some Mind Blowing Experience in Kanatal

Mind Blowing Experience

The people who have previously visited the camps of kanatal, must have enjoyed and experienced the pleasure offered in between the lap of nature. Since the natural view is very soothing and capturing the heart of the viewers. They have also performed the various adventurous activities, while staying in love with the place. That makes them visit the place again and again. In order to achieve the satisfaction and peace of mind, which is not possible while living in the city life of pressure. Since the people in the city hardly get time for themselves and to relax their mind, body and soul.

So they require a complete holiday package, that can help them to remove all the tension from their Minds. Also to offer them happiness and entertainment. In order to make sure, that they are able to live their life in this possible manner once they are back from the best holiday destination. After creating the lifetime memories of their busy life, that can never be forgotten. Such excellent experiences help them to keep recalling the moments of fun and entertainment, wherever they go. Also encourage them to create a difference in their lives. The amazing thing is that you can simply book the stay of camps online. In order to avoid the last hour rush and inconvenience. There are various discounts offered, even in online deals.

Kanatal camps are available with various modern amenities, for all the tourists. So that they can enjoy the beauty of nature, while staying in the middle of natural environment. Simultaneously availing the best possible facilities, so that they do not miss their luxurious life of city at all. Though the camps are not constructed in the designer manner. Like the hotels and resorts, that are full of expensive interior work. However the kind of camps, which are constructed in kanatal are completely distinctive in style and structure. That provides a unique feeling to all the tourists. That makes it easy for them to forget the mechanical life of there home cities; which is full of mobile phones, laptop and other IT products.

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Adventurous Sports

Above all the other factors here in kanatal, visitors enjoy the adventurous activities. Such as trekking, Rishikesh rafting and Bunjee jumping. Such rib thrilling actions are so easy to perform here, with the professional guidance that anyone can feel the satisfaction very quickly. Since life doesn't offer the same kind of happiness and entertainment, it is better to enjoy every moment of the life. Along with the attractive and impressive surroundings of camp. So that they can have their heart at peace, while they are living a completely different life with the vast belt of greenery and natural Gardens.

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Equipped With Perfect Services

There are different types of camp availability in kanatal, depending upon the location and height of the place; where the tents are erected. In addition to which, the premium and Swiss camps available with the homelike facilities are available for the tourists. Such as attached bathroom and running water, all the time. Also every camp has complete power backup, 24 × 7. However the camps, which are charging very less have common toilets. Though it doesn't make any difference or interruptions, to the enjoyment of the tourist. The best part of these kanatal camp is, that they are completely safe and Secure for the visitors to stay. So people from anywhere in the world can come and stay in the camps.

Kanatal Camps Are Exceptional

Among the huge variety of accommodation in kanatal, camps are leading and wanted by majority of the visitors. Since the friendly staff employed in most of the camps, are dedicated for serving their guests in the best possible manner. In addition to which, they always suggest best possible ways for the tourists to enjoy their trip and perform the adventurous activities; depending upon the weather and risk factor involved in it. Also arrange for the activities to be done, for their guests. For them tourist satisfaction is the main motto of their industry. That is the reason they work sincerely and regularly, in the direction of satisfaction for all the visitors.

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Variety of Camps in kanatal

1- Awara camp in Kanatal- The camp is designed in a different manner, than other camps. Also the tent's structure are different, that makes you feel that you yourself have constructed your house for vacation. Though it looks very simple and calm, however the material used in the construction of camp is very strong and durable ; by the tourism Ministry of Uttrakhand. You can get any kind of meals depending upon your choice, round the clock. Be it vegetarian course or non vegetarian dishes, whatever you would like to have while enjoying the holiday trip.

2-Camp Little Jaguar-Little Jaguar camp is specifically designed for the small tourists, that love to play and have lots of fun with their friends and family. These luxury camps are equipped with every amenity and resources, that you can avail for your children. So that they can feel the special treatment, which is being provided to them by the staff member of the camp. In addition to which, they can have enjoyment outside their tents anytime they want to play ; unlike their houses where they have to face a lot many restrictions due to the burden of studies. Here, kids can enjoy there holiday time in the most appropriate manner. In fact, the way they want to.

3-Adventure kanatal camp-kanatal camp is built at the location, which is best suitable for all the adventures provided to the tourist. Since you do not have to go to any distant places, for performing the activities you love to. You simply can view everything from your own camp, very easily. It seems the beauty of nature is opening arms, to embrace you in the Peaceful surroundings of natural resources. Also you do not have to face any kind of trouble related to your security and financial expenses. Since the camp stay is quite economical and convenient for you to choose.

4-Carnival Camp in kanatal-Carnival camp in kanatal, is another reason for the people to enjoy their holiday season. Since it is filled with so many activities and the music of nature, which can be heard in the chirping of birds and streaming of dense forest. In addition to which, there are various lightning system and non stop DJ ; functioning in the evening. That gives you another reason for you to celebrate your vacation, in kanatal camps. It becomes a perfect holiday destination for you and your family members.

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Affordable Packages Are Attractive in Kanatal

The effect of all these activities and adventures, changes the mind and mood of the visitors completely. So that they are able to enjoy themselves in an economical and satisfactory manner. Since there is no activity included, which goes beyond your budget. As most of the camps are charging very small amount of rent also. You can also avail the offers, which are provided by the camps during the weekends or vacation timing. Staying in these camps, can actually make you feel that you are enjoying the Carnival of your life. The beginning of the camp stay ranging from ₹2 k to ₹5 k. So, it doesn't appear to be a burden to your wallet.

Kind Of Packages in Kanatal Camp

There are various packages available for the camp stay in kanatal, depending upon various factors. Such as time duration of your stay in the place. For example:- 1 Night 2 days, 2 Nights 3 days and you can also extend the days depending upon your convenience and choice. The packages depend upon per person, couple sharing, sharing of three people or sharing of four people. That derives the actual charge of the camp. Since the meals, tea and snacks are included in the charges of package. You do not have to shell out a lot of money; for your breakfast, lunch and dinner separately.

Heavenly Adobe

You only need to pay for the adventures and activities, which you are going to perform in the lap of nature. Most of the latest facilities are available inside the camps, for all the tourist. Such as - WiFi connection, music system etc. So that you do not have to face any kind of trouble, while enjoying the real holidays in kanatal. Instead of staying in the hotel room or resort, you can enjoy your vacation in the original structure of the tents. That offers you a very long lasting experience, to memorize. Also the comfort zone is completely mesmerizing and magical. Since you can get everything done at the same time, you are experiencing the unimaginable adventures of your life. It seems like you are flying in the clouds and simultaneously, diving deep into the ocean of fantasy.

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Natural Surrounding areas of kanatal camps are inviting for the tourists. As you can witness the white water of the river Ganges and at the same time, the best possible view of Hill Station nearby. Sounds of dancing trees, flowing water and different types of birds add to the flavour of your life. Fragrance of wild flowers and plants offers peace to mind and soul. Freely blowing breeze cleanse all the worries of life and provide a new hope for the future aspects. You can also find some unusual species of the birds and hardly seen flowers, which you may not have ever seen yet. Whole of the environment provides a great therapy to humans, for getting the rejuvenation of life.