Places to visit in North India means the mighty Himalayas. Yes, most of the tourist’s destinations like snow, mountains, river, lake and scenic locations are there in the North India. When you start your travel, it is advisable to visit from the historic site the Taj Mahal followed by nature tour, honeymoon tour and the Himalayan tour from the below mentioned destination one-by-one. India is a tourist’s friendly nation, and its people are familiar with English apart from their regional languages. The north India has good connectivity via air and road. It will be better to book your travel and stay in advance, as this is an all season tourist place.

Taj Mahal- 

When you are at Taj Mahal, you are admiring the sign of love on the backdrop of Yamuna River with a beautiful garden surrounding this medieval era monument. It is the finest example of the Mughal architecture and this structure is built with white marbles. You cannot find any other structure of similar kind in this world. That is why; this is a UNESCO certified site in North India. Agra is the place; you have to alight to see Taj Mahal in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

After visiting the Taj Mahal, you can climb up the Himalayan tour by visiting the below mentioned order of tourists places.

Taj_Mahal - places to visit in north india

Taj_Mahal – places to visit in north india



This lake is in the shape of an eye, and that is how the Naina Lake name comes from its regional language. Spending your stay near to this lake gives awesome beauty of the Himalayas on it backdrop alongside this mystic lake. It is the best place to do boating. Most of the honeymoon goers prefer this place for its calmness and scenic surrounding places. Nainital is in the Uttrakhand State, North India.

nanital hotels and resorts

Hotels in nainital


Shimla is the place to visit in the winter season for its snow. You can see the Himalayas in white and enjoy the weather and tourists spots to see in Shimla. It is the best place to visit by honeymoon goers. There are budget accommodations to star hotels to stay in your comforts. Shimla is in Himachal Pradesh State, North India.

Shimla Camps in rishikesh

Shimla Camps in rishikesh


Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir is the only place to take lake tour on the mountains. Its boathouse is the excellent place to relax and enjoy the splendid Himalayas on it backdrop. The water just comes to freezing level in the winter and it is an all season tourist’s destination. The best season to visit is the summer time (April & May) to enjoy the cool breeze from Dhal Lake and the cool winds flowing at an altitude of 5,200 ft above the mean sea level.

Places to visit in srinagar

Places to visit in srinagar



Ladak is the top most tourist destination in India on the Himalayas. You can feel heavenly from this place as you can see most of the Mighty Himalayas Ranges. You can see snow fed mountain peaks, marshland and valley from this place. The mountain road travel itself has many picturesque sites to take photos and videos.

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