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 Details About Luxury Kanatal Resorts

Kanatal Resort is the best-located resort in Danaulti Uttarakhand. Kanatal Resort can be compared to a paradise in matters of Natural beauty and the comforts that it has to offer to the entire guest frequenting this small little town on the Himalayas. The camp gets it share of snow every year and takes a white blanket every winter. This beauty of this Kanatal Resort fluctuates from white beauty to Natural green. The Kanatal Resort promises fun and nature filled weekend getaway to all the visitors. Due to its easy accessibility as well as the existence of the broad variety of Flora and Fauna Kanatal has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in recent years. If you are an ardent nature lover and are planning to visit and explore the biodiversity of Kanatal, then go to this place. Here is the list of a number of the most popular resort in the close vicinity of Kanatal in Mussoorie that will make your sojourn most comfortable.


For accommodation, Kanatal Resort has luxury Swiss tents that are all with attached toilets and the bathroom. Thus are just little shy of any other hotel and only difference lies in the fact that these have linen walls and are much more closer to nature. The Kanatal Resort has a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers mouth watering food and in various cuisines from north Indian to south Indian, to continental as well as Chinese though the specialties lies in the Garhwali cuisine something that is local and unique about these camps.


Kanatal Resort provides options for multiple adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling parallel rope and some other activities and these activities are organized under strict safety code and supervision of experienced trainers. The camp keeps a doctor on call as even after all the safety measures there can be some mishaps. The other reason for doctors on call is the altitude. Kanatal Resort is located at an altitude of around 8000 ft and at time people coming from plains get sick due to the drastic change in the air density and climate. The temperature here varies from as low as 0 degrees to around 35 degrees.

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The Kanatal Resort is located around 40 kilometers from Dhanauti and around 40 kilometers from Mussoorie. Surrounded by dense forest cover and some distance from Dhanulti Eco Park the camp is paradise for nature lovers who can spend hours in these forests and enjoy the natural beauty. The Kanatal Resort is one of the most sought after destination during the summers as the temperature here is always cool. The Kanatal Resort is suitable for all kinds of traveler right from families to small friends groups to larger corporate and school groups. There are various packages available for different groups depending on the requirements. The families can avail more comfortable packages where you can spend more time with family along with doing some activities. The corporate usually choose to take up packages that are a combination of outdoors meeting, adventure and team and leadership games but at the end, fun filled. All these are organized at the camps under the supervision of expert trainers and guides.

Thus Kanatal Resort is suitable for all kinds of people and is the best options to be enjoyed on a weekend.

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