Camping In Jaisalmer 

Jaisalmer is one of the most amazing place to visit in India. Millions of tourists visit this place every year to experience the rich cultural heritage of this place. Covered in the golden sand, this place offers a wonderful natural scenic. Apart from the mesmerizing natural scenery, this place harbors various other activities that are full of excitement & amusement. Popularly known as the "Golden City in India", Jaisalmer is known for its beautiful yellowish sand. For people who just love adventure, visiting this place is surely a dream comes true. The most amusing activity of this place is desert camping. During the camping in the desert, one will experience the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.


This Rajputana state is known for its amazing folk music, dance & cuisines. The Camping In Jaisalmer will give you very exciting experience. You will surely enjoy the melodious folk music. Not only this, you will surely get amused after seeing men having long mustaches, dressed in the traditional attire dancing with the women dressed in their traditional costumes. This will certainly mesmerize you, heart.


The natural beauty of this place is amazing &  wonderful. The beautiful rising of the sun with sun rays kissing the sand will present a scene that will remain as a pleasant memory. The traditional cuisines of this place are just delicious. Prepared in a traditional ingredient, these will definitely suit your appetite. The lovers of non-veg will feel like heaven while eating the delicious Murg-E- Subz, LalMaans& Safed Maans. Veg lovers don't have to feel sad, the daalbhatchoorma& Ker-Sangri will give them mouth watering experience.


If you are looking for some excitement in Camping in Jaisalmer, then for that Camel & Jeep safari is the best activities to do. Riding on the back of the Ship of Desert, enjoying the fascinating view of the magnificent Havelis& Forts is definitely the amazing experience. If you are looking faster mode of transportation than Jeep safari is the best medium to visit the ancient havelis, abandoned villages & magnificent forts. You will surely enjoy riding on the open top jeep.

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Some of the sites that are worth to watch in Jaisalmer are Jaisalmer Fort, Khaba Fort, havelis& various other abandoned villages. These sites will surely give you excitement & pleasure. Jaisalmer Fort is the magnificent fort that portrays the rich legacies of the ancient Rajput rulers. The fort contains rich artistic scripture & work. It is built up of stones that are carved in attracting shapes to give the beautiful appearance. Khaba Fort is a very popular place to visit. This is considered as a haunted village where entry is prohibited during the night. There is a story is associated with this village. According to this, during one night all the villagers fled away to some unknown destination. After that, this village never flourishes.


Kuldhara is another attraction that you certainly want to visit. This is abandoned site & it is believed that there is some curse in this place. Havelis are the main attraction of this city. The magnificent havelis of Salim Singh & Patwonki Haveli are worth to visit. The ancient architecture will surely give you pleasing experience. The place is a must to visit for couples who just want to spend cozy moments. Honeymooners will also enjoy the romantic ambiance of Jaisalmer. It is surely a place that harbors various thrills & chills. Amsush Desert Camp is one of the best desert camps in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan offering jeep, and camel safari.

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