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Auli is a quiet little town in the state of Uttarakhand popular for the ski resorts and natural beauty. Auli is also famous for the ropeway, which is the longest ropeway in Asia. Auli is surrounded by mountains covered with snow and situated at a height of 2800 meters. It is a perfect vacation destination for Nature lovers as well as adventure freaks. Skiing is the most popular adventure activity of this place and several skiing classes are also organized here to teach the sport to people who try it for the first time.

Tourists can find many budget hotels but if you are looking for a luxurious stay one can find many resorts in Auli and one thing common with all these Auli Resorts is that each of them offers an amazing view of the surrounding region. But one should book a hotel in advance if you planning a trip to the annual skiing championships. You can reach quite easily from Auli to Delhi.

Tucked between the mountains Garwal, Auli is known for colorful endeavors games to experience in one lifetime. Holy with some dazing valleys of frigid mounds and trails makes an ideal place for skiing. Each year throughout winter hundred of vacationer comes here in substantial number to tune in diverse skiing games composed there. Auli resorts are planet celebrated around the world for its administrations and areas as the majority of the resorts are placed in a grand foundation.

Cliff Top Club Resort

Beautiful   Best Hotels In Auli are really fine as well as skiing resort in Auli. Auli Resorts a unique resort situated at a height of over more than 10,000 feet as well as Auli Resorts are located on the ski track. This type of hotel or resorts are a dream come true for adventure freaks as well as nature lovers because from the resort one can have the compelling view of the snow roofed Nanda Devi range, which is the uppermost peak in the world.

The fun of Auli tours lies in the fact that the place offers the experience of living country life spans much of modern amenities. Hotels provide all the basic amenities of lodging, dining, and recreation sans the modern modifications to let the tourists have real fun of traveling. By eight in the morning to four in the evening, one can see the skiers and adventure seekers indulging in different sports till the time it gets dark and chilly. The rest of the evening can be spent listening to their folklore and enjoying local cuisines around bonfires while soulful Pahari (mountainous) music plays in the background.

These kinds of Resorts have spacious and fully furnished rooms. The resort also has a multi-cuisine indoor restaurant, which serves delicious of a range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Arrangements for evening barbecue snacks are also made. The resort has a well-stocked bar and evenings here are quite entertaining as live entertainment and bonfire are organized by the resort. The services and facilities available here are activity center, airport transfer, bicycles on hire, car rental, conference hall, the internet, laundry, library and Yoga classes.

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