All about Adventure Camping in Ladakh

Ladakh is a district located in the extreme north of India, specifically in the state of Kashmir. The main towns of Leh and Kargil are disctrict, located respectively at 3500 and 2800m altitude. This whole region is in the Himalayas. Ladakh is a part of India very different from the rest of th country as very close to Tibet. Proof is the nickname of "Little Tibet" frequently given to this area!

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Unlike the rest of India, this region has the advantage of not suffering any monsoon during the year. Thus, when in summer the entire Asian region is sprinkled with water spouts, Ladakh i spared. As a result, the region is very dry and poor in flora.


When to go?

During the months of July and August, temperatures can reach up to 30 ° C day at 3500 maltitude and rarely below 5 ° C at night. In winter, temperatures are, however, very low and can reach -25 ° C. The climate is dry, whatever the season, so the region accumulate very little snow. However, snow falls in abundance in the Himalayan foothills from the September / October, which condemns all access to Ladakh by road. The months of July and August are the best months to visit this beautiful area, but June or September are better suited if we want to avoid the tourist season!


How to get there?

To reach Ladakh camps, it is necessary to visit one of the major northern cities of the country: the most direct flight and the fastest is the one for the city of Delhi (capital of India). In 2005, the price of a France-Delhi flight was around 550 euros TTC.Today, for the cost of a flight, you can use this excellent comparison flights . The most expensive and yet most comfortable, is to take a flight from Delhi-Leh airport "home". The aircraft is dependent on the weather, we must bear in mind that cancellations are possible, so do not plan too precisely your camping in Ladakh trip! An alternative, slightly less expensive, is to take a taxi or better by taxi 4×4.The last option is the bus, really cheap.It is also possible to combine bus and 4×4. For example, you can take the busto start up Manali to Leh and then a 4×4 (the 4×4 around 350 €).


Indian visa, permit access?

Ladakh is a district of India, it is governed by the Indian government. To visit India on a tourist visa is required. The visa must imperatively be established before the trip to the country from whence we come (eg, France). Indeed, several days (or weeks) are needed for its establishment. In France, it must be requested at the Indian Embassy in Paris. Several possibilities exist: to move the embassy to apply by mail or through an agent with some additional cost. We opted for registered mail sent to the embassy at a cost of 50 € for the visa + 6 € for the cost of return mail + shipping costs by registered mail. Note that the deadlines for obtaining and sending exceed more than a month, then you better do it soon! Tourist visas are generally established for 6 months from receipt of your application (approximately), what that leaves you more than five months in India.

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What to do in Leh?

Leh, Ladakh's capital, represents a virtually obligatory to visit Ladakh. With more than 15 000 inhabitants and a growing number of tourists every year, there is almost everything: accommodation, restaurants, bakeries, bars, small grocery stores. After a voyage in 2007, Pierre, internet visitor site (thank you to him) told us that there are now two bank cash machines.

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