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Rishikesh Rafting Booking Starts Now in Rishikesh on River Ganga (Ganges). Book your rafting in advance with one of the most trusted and reputed adventure company in Rishikesh with more than 10+ years of experience. River Ganga which flows down from Gangotri to Rishikesh is full of rapids and full of adventures. Rishikesh is famous for rafting destination in India. Rafting in Rishikesh is very famous and attracts adventure lovers from all over the world.

India is one of the unique combination of various traditional cultures and modern developments. The people of the country have been roaming around in the different parts of the nation. Still not able to visit every place, in their life time. Since there is a huge list of places, that you cannot afford to miss out. However, you need to select your favourite ones to visit so that you can simply visit the place where you can enjoy your time and achieve an excellent experience for lifetime. As it is the life is full of hectic schedules and tension, you must look for some time for personal use. That can take you to peace of mind and heart, altogether.

You can Research and review the places, which can easily be visited by you. So that, you do not have to spend a hefty amount of money and more of your valuable time. Also it will provide you with the lot of engaging fun and entertainment, within very short time span. Though there are lot of options available throughout the country in different states. However, we are talking about the ones; which will provide you with the rib thrilling experience within few hours. That you want to share with your friends and colleagues, once back.

Unforgettable Journey To Heaven - Rishikesh Rafting

River rafting in Rishikesh is one of the most adventurous and desired water sports, that anyone can Crave for. Within very less time span, you can easily achieve the lifetime unforgettable experience of your adventurous journey. Such an amazing trip proves to be one of your achievements, that you can share with your friends and generations to follow. Since it doesn't require you to have any specific training or skill set, while you continue to enjoy in the middle of clear and clean water waves. You can also witness the die hard fans of rafting sports, once you get a chance to enjoy yourself.

Know About Rishikesh Rafting in Detailed

Warmth Of Natural Surrounding in Rishikesh
Rishikesh Rafting 2021

Anyone can plan to visit river rafting Rishikesh, to fulfill his desires of having a lot of fun and satisfaction in the midst of the auspicious river Ganges. People visit there for multiple purpose and enjoy their holiday time, in the best possible manner. The river is known for its religious values and is even worshipped, in the Hindu religion. The interesting philosophy of the tradition invites people from all over the world, to visit river Ganges and offer their prayers with all the dedication and patience. Not only Hindus, but people from various other communities and religion visit the place. Not only for adventure and fun, but for spending their holidays in the lap of nature.

It is not only known for religious or auspicious sentiments of the devotees. However is also very popular among the tourists, for the kind of satisfaction and entertainment which camping in Rishikesh offers to the people of every age group. Most of the friends, family and colleagues visit the place to have loads of fun within their budget financially. The best part is that the trip is not expensive for the group of school children, college youngsters and friends group. Even the Businessmen and people working in offices, find it to be the perfect holiday destination.

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Short Time Enjoyment
Short Time Rafting Enjoy in Rishikesh

Since it can be enjoyed a lot, within minimum possible time duration. That is why, majority of the people plan to visit the place during their weekend or short vacation. As it doesn't need a lot of days for you to enjoy the natural Miracles, that can provide you with the happiness of life in a day's time. However it completely depends upon you, if you want to extend your trip to a night stay. That provides you with more energy and enthusiasm to fulfill your priorities in the future.

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You can arrange a camp and enjoy whole night, with the group of your friends. You can also choose the desired location of the camp or set up of tents. Like :- in between the natural surroundings of forest or the river beach, whatever you want to enjoy the most. Even your family would love to be a part of it, since the weather is favourable most of the time at the place. Due to the water flowing throughout the year, in the holy river Ganges. The cold water of the river provides considerable calmness, to the visitor's heart.

Safe Adventures in Rishikesh
Adventure of Rafting in Rishikesh

Rafting at Rishikesh enhances the experience of tourists, making their stay all the more wonderful and exciting ; which was really unimaginable with most of the people earlier. The best part of whole trip is, that you do not have to worry about the safety and security concerns. As there are experts available for the support to the people, visiting to the place. So that they do not have to face any kind of challenges or complications, while they are in the middle of the Ganges. Complete security and life guard is offered to every person, depending upon the complexity of the water waves. Also the experts accompany you, during your adventurous journey in the river Ganges. Tourism of uttrakhand has arranged everything in the most appropriate and safe way, for the visitors.

One For Everyone

As there are different ranges available for the people, to avail the rafting facilities; depending upon their kind of experience if any. Since there are various process which are little Complex and difficult to manage by the beginners, who have never ever experienced the rafting activity in their life. So the professionals available there suggests the most easy and simple trip, for them to enjoy. Rafting in Rishikesh is one of the most adventurous activities, for the tourists who are visiting the place for any purpose. No matter what you do and from where you come from, you can simply spend some time and enjoy the visit. Also the specific time of your holiday, proves to be very beneficial for your future endeavors.

Religious Value Attached
Religious in Rishikesh

You yourself can witness innumerable groups and gangs enjoying their holiday time, in the most desirable manner. Previously, Rishikesh was only known for the religious sentiments attached to the place. As the visitors used to visit for offering the prayers. However in last few decades, the place has gained a lot of popularity and acknowledgement in the tourism industry. Rishikesh situated in Uttarakhand nearby Hardware; is sufficient to fill your hearts with a lot of fresheness, rejuvenation and energy. It is also believed that taking a dip in the holy water of river Ganges, once in your life ; provides you the way to salvation in the same life. Also washing away all the sins committed by the human beings. Even if you are not willing to take a dip, you simply can avail the water sports and other adventurous activities; in the lap of nature. So that you can have the maximum possible satisfaction and fun, during your visit to Rishikesh. The place, that offers enormous amounts of excellent quality experience to the tourists.

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Camping in Rishikesh is no less than a fun filling picture of your dreams. You must have watched in the movies and documentaries, that how people set up their camps and enjoy their night outs. However when you get the chance to come across the same feeling of fun and excitement, you must be feeling fortunate to be a part of it. Experience of visiting the place provides you with the world of fantasies, that embraces you in the warmth of nature. You may find it the world of imagination, turning to the realistic world of excellence. It helps you to bring harmony, peace and joy to your life and work style.

List Of Facilities

It becomes all the more enjoyable ; when you spend time in between the forest, or the beach of Ganges while living in the residential Cottage or camps. Simultaneously you can avail a lot of luxurious amenities, that are provided for the luxury camps in Rishikesh. Such as swimming pool, discotheques and various options for the best experience provided as per your order. You can have different delicacies offered by the efficient staff members, at your convenient timings. You can enjoy the taste of different traditional snacks, lunch, dinner etc. In addition to which, you can also order the dishes that you like the most.

Ways Of Rejuvenation-The place not only provides you with the unique experience of joy and happiness. However, offers you the completely innovative way of thinking; that may help you with the change of mindset. It not only purifies your body and mood swings. But also helps you to rejuvenate yourself mentally and psychologically. Also increase the positive vibes of life, within your senses. So that you can start working again with more energy and activeness , once you get back from your vacation. Such a great holiday trip increases your efficiency and maximize your potential, for progressing in your career.

Variety Of Choices For Tourists-The cheer and excitement of the crowd adds to the boost of life. It also diminishes any chances of getting tired or bored, while you are in the journey of fun and excitement with the group of friends, family or colleagues. You can also get the chance to play various indoor and outdoor games, available in the lodging of wide area of Rishikesh. Such as playing volleyball, cricket, chess and any other games that you like. The welcoming environment helps you to receive so many friendly people, who becomes very close to you in the few hours of holiday mood. Since everyone has been enjoying the holidays and open for the best opportunities in the world.

For rafting Rishikesh, you can get so many options depending upon your liking and the kind of experience which you want to achieve. It also varies in the charges of the activity, that includes different level of risk factors. In the course of river flow, there are various speed and spots that helps you to decide; which path you should opt for. Also the kind of obstacles and difficulties are the key factors to decide whether you should go for easy or dangerous journey.

What Is Best For you?

Altogether there are 5 grades available for different passages and routes, with the various levels of water Tides and the kind of passages available on the way. There are various interruptions and other challenges, during the course of rafting.

  • 1st grade includes completely easy and simple passage to move on for the rafting activity, for all the visitors. That can be smoothly covered by the group of visitors.
  • 2nd Grade includes little moderate passage, with irregular waves of water that may occur as an obstacle for the tourist.
  • In case you are a beginner, or have never tried the water sports ever. It is always advisable for you to choose the initial 2 grades. So that you can enjoy at the maximum level, without any kind of risk involved in the rafting in Rishikesh.
  • Grade 3 includes difficulties, while going through the passage of white water waves and becomes little tedious for the people to overcome if not experienced before.
  • After that, grade 4 involves more difficulties and higher flow of tides. That becomes more challenging for the visitors to face and move ahead
  • In case you have some experience of rafting, then you can choose 3rd and 4th grade. As your experience is helpful to choose from the available grades of rafting.
  • The ultimate grade 5, brings huge chain of challenges and risks. That should only be opted by the experienced people of rafting. Since it includes a lot of ups and downs, while you enjoy your rafting activity. Although in each grade, professionals are there to assist The Tourists. So that there arises no security issues, in any of the cases.
Efficient Tourism Industry

The tourism of Uttarakhand keeps upgrading the facilities and the various sports available, for Adventure of tourists. In order to make sure, that the visitors are able to avail all the facilities in the maximum possible manner. In addition to which, each tourists is able to achieve the satisfaction and joy; for which they visit the belt of Rishikesh. There is no sort of compromise visible in the safety and security of the tourist. That makes them even more inviting and attracted towards the place, where they can have maximum fun and excitement during their holiday time.
Since there are so many private beaches over the river Ganges. You can easily enjoy depending upon the package, you book for. The best part is you can book the camp spaces, rafting packages or other adventurous activities; from the comfort of your home. Also you do not have to personally visit for the booking, as the online booking system is available for you. That makes sure about your comfortable visit to the place. Also you do not have to face any kind of challenges, once you land to the heavenly experience of Rishikesh.

Bunjee Jumping In Rishikesh

Among so many other adventures and sports, Bunjee jumping in Rishikesh is also very famous and Wanted by the tourist industry. So that they can have a great deal of fun and adventurous Sports, during their holiday time. The authorities of the place work continuously to provide the deep pleasurable experience, for all the tourists. So that the people visiting the place, do not fall low on excitement and joy at any point of time. The professionals are available for you, to assist in the adventurous Sports. Along with their most advanced equipments of Bunjee jumping for the visitors. So that there is no chance of any risk, while you are enjoying Bunjee jumping or any other activities ; specifically designed for the tourists in Rishikesh.

Security Measures Are Planned

Excitement and adventure involved in the Bunjee jumping, cannot be expressed in the words. Since the experience of the adventure is completely out of the world and the person, who is performing the activity can understand himself that how does it feel to be a free bird in the air. Yet tied with the security ropes to safeguard his life, without any kind of threat to the life. The experts are available all the time with the tourists and there stands no chance, of any kind of failure or risks to the people involved in the adventurous world. Since they use the best possible equipments and the regular training program, which is being provided to these experts time and again.

Advance Booking Is Best

It is always better to book your online reservation, before you plan to visit the place. As it might be too crowded for you to visit the place, that may result you to keep waiting for hours. Once you make your reservation, you can remain assured about the availability of your turn to avail the services. In addition to which, you can also get the location of your choice for Cottage or camps ; in which you are planning to stay. There are so many options for lodging, including hotels of different levels. Moreover, the tourism of Uttarakhand keeps working for the betterment of area.
The tourism industry of the place works well, to make sure that the natural calamities do not effect the journey of tourist. For which they always try and update the machinery regularly, so that they can easily provide the most appropriate platform for the tourists to enjoy their leisure time. There are so many service providers and tour organizers, who provide you with the best possible services in the economical prices. You can check the availability for the packages and prices online, for your understanding.

Variety Of Packages Are Available in Rishikesh

It is always better to confirm before you book for any activity or lodging. Sports of river rafting starts from ₹450 and can go up to ₹1800, depending Upon The grade and passage you choose for rafting. Same goes with Bunjee jumping, as well. The experts are experienced and friendly to offer their best services, to all the tourist visiting the place. You will be surprised to know that, the spot of Bunjee jumping is the highest one in India ; which is approximately 83 Meters high. That helps you to have an excellent experience of incomparable heaven.

Memorable Adventures Of Life in Rishikesh

The moment you jump from the hill, your life changes completely and you can experience the nerve wrecking feeling for the 30 - 40 seconds in your life. That makes sure, adventure has a vital place in your present birth. You may witness a lot of people, who feel so scared before they jump from the hill. Even though they are tied well by the experts and the Rescue Team is also available for the tourists. However the movement they jump, they feel so excited and cheerful that they do not want to be back on earth. The incredible expression of every tourist can make him come back to the same place, again and again. Also suggesting the visit to the other people, in contact

Since the experience of flying in the sky, going up and down make them feel so happy and hilarious ; that most of the people forget everything in this world. No one should ever miss the awesome experience of enjoying the trip of Rishikesh, that offers enormous fun and enjoyment with the adventure simultaneously. A day or two is sufficient time for you to choose the best possible natural location, for the amazing adventures on the river side. That makes you feel better about yourself and your family members, in terms of mental and physical health. Short term holiday experience in the Middle of greenery and free flowing water, can wash away all your health troubles and worries about life. So that you can become fresh and healthy, after you come back from the most memorable adventurous holiday destination.