Pratapgarh Farms, Haryana

A complete village dedicated to being a holiday destinations, Pratapgarh village in Jhajjar, Haryana is one of the few places you can go to for an ethnic and authentic feel of the village life. Vibrant and full of fun, the excursion will prove to be refreshing for your body as well as senses. The luxuriant green fields, the village folk, the cattle ranches, the barns, the ponds and wells, the calm and pure environ; the whole setting is enough to set you free of the burdens of a busy life and reconnect you to your roots.

The farms offer a veritable cornucopia of activities to stimulate your fun side and rejuvenate you. There are activities ranging from domestic chores to village fun. These include-

  • Delectable ethnic cuisines from Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana
  • DJ and Traditional folk music
  • Camel ride, Bullock and cart rides
  • Conventional village sports like Gilli Danda and Kabbadi
  • Rural Kitchen
  • Rural domestic and creative activities
  • Natural Beauty care and treatments
  • Corporate Team building activities and sports
  • Agricultural activities and loads more

Here you can enjoy while getting down to the basics in a true rural environment.

Day Picnic Package

Rs.1000/- Per Person For Day Picnic.

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