15 Picnic Spots around Delhi

Get 15 Top Picnic Spots Places Near Delhi NCR Under 100 Km From Delhi

The capital of India, one of the biggest metropolitan cities has developed a lot of picnic spots around Delhi and popular places in the last few decades. There are various locations in and around Delhi, where you can simply spend some time and enjoy the worthwhile duration in return for your money. It is always advisable to research and then visit the place, along with your friends and family. So that you can easily choose the appropriate place to visit, as per your expectations. It not only helps you with the location of the place, where you are planning to go. However, also provide you with the details that are quite essential; before you plan an enjoyable excursion.

There are many factors, which needs to be inquired before you leave for the specific place. Such as timings of the place to be visited, charges for entry or any other expenses that are included in the specific picnic spots near Delhi. Also, the terms and conditions that need to be taken care if any while you go to visit the place. Handbags are not allowed, cameras are not permitted, etc. So that you can simply experience the facilities available and enjoy your outing, in the best possible manner.
Life is full of problems and works pressure that is the realistic part of routine life. Since everyone needs a break from the hectic life schedule and burdened days. So that he can rejuvenate his mind, body, and soul. In fact, that helps him to fulfill all his priorities with more energy and enthusiasm; than earlier.

Corporate Dayouting Places Near Delhi - Under 100km From Delhi

Day outing near Delhi not only offers you the kind of satisfaction and happiness, which you are looking for a long time. So that you can stay fit and healthy throughout, without any kind of trouble related to health. It also doesn't go out of your budget. Since most of the excursions are economical and can easily be adopted by most of the people, who want to enjoy the beauty of nature in combination along with the modern technology which is being created by the experts of the places.

There are innumerable tourists visiting these places every now and then, on regular basis. Most of the people have made it a habit to enjoy their one day trip near Delhi over the weekend, or whenever their vacation Falls. People can easily plan their visit to these tourist places, which occurs in the close proximity to Delhi. The considerable part is that these places are very easy to go and come back in a day's time. Since it doesn't consume much of your time and money.

Amazing places for Picnic spots near Delhi

Most of the tourists prefer to cover these places on their tour, whenever they visit Delhi. In fact, so many Delhites, prefer to be a tourist for a day during their incredible experience of visiting picnic spots near Delhi. Above all, the favorable climate of the city plays a major role in attracting the tourists. Also, the friendly nature of people, who are hosting the places provides a comfort zone to all the visitors with a lot of satisfaction. So that the picnic around Delhi, becomes an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

The most important part to be considered is that you can reach these places very easily. Since the conveyance is available, without any kind of problems and can be availed by the visitors without getting charged extra. In addition to which, accessibility of the metro train is one of the most reliable and comfortable modes of transportation to reach the majority of the places; during past few years. So that the tourist does not have to face any kind of troubles or challenges while planning their picnic in The Omerus hotels & Resorts.

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Picnic spots Near Delhi

Some of the most popular Picnic sposts places in the Heart of the City or under 100km From Delhi

Akshardham Temple
Picnic spot in Delhi
Distance: 61 Km from Delhi

Akshardham temple can be visited by the people of all age group, which is spread over a big area of land. The architecture of the structure is designed with the vast experience and dedication of the expert team. Tourists can easily visit the place, with the metro train facility. Since there is a dedicated metro station, which is named after the temple. You can enjoy boat rides and lighting view in the evening, which Can attract you in a very enhanced way.

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Pratapgarh Farms
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 57Km from Delhi

You can plan to visit Pratapgarh farms situated in Haryana, which is very near to Delhi. You can enjoy and avail the real environment of the village culture, at the place. Along with the traditional foods, games and lots of adventure. That you can perform yourself. In addition to which, Indian culture and values are clearly visible in the behavior of the people serving you. You can plan a daytime picnic, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 in the evening

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Rock Climbing at Camp Wild
Call for packages
Distance: 65 Km from Delhi

You can reach the Camp wild Dhauj that offers The Adventure of Rock climbing over the weekend in the morning and evening too. You can reach there through the accessibility of the metro train. The place is constructed between the Faridabad and Gurgaon Highway so that the tourists can easily find the place. In order to have fun in their holiday time.

Activities: The list of activities include experiential nature walks, rappelling, and day outing for all age groups.

Botanix Nature Resort
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 23 Km from Delhi

The place is situated in gurugram, which offers sumptuous green Gardens. That can make you experience the warmth of nature in the lap of the place, which is equipped with all the modern amenities to avail. It is one of the best picnic spots near Gurgaon. So that you can make your stay the most amazing one, while you visit the capital of India.

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Sports of Paragliding
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Distance: 41 Km from Delhi

Tourists can enjoy power paragliding in Sohna, of gurugram. The specific place, where Motor paragliders with the smart technology are provided to the visitors; for the fixed time span. The view of Resort Can attract you very easily, once you become a bird with the assistance of professional pilots. The expert people, who are available to make your holiday a successful experience; that cannot be forgotten ever.

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Shikhar Adventure Park
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 45 Km from Delhi

It is one of the most famous and renowned Resort locations, which is surrounded by a whole lot of green Gardens. The facilities of the place include a lot of activities and games, which can easily entertain the visitors for 6 to 7 hours. Also making sure, that the picnic is a complete fun for everyone who plans to visit the site.

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Adventures in Dhauj Camps
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 50 Km from Delhi

One of the most quickly developing excursion place, which is situated in the middle of the Aravali Hills. So that the visitors can have complete entertainment and adventure, at Camp wild Dhauj. Along with a lot of options available throughout the day. Like cycling, river crossing, Rock climbing, various sports and many other exciting games. You can also enjoy the camping when you visit the heart of Aravali. So that you can remember the amazing experience of visiting the place, forever.

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Sky Karting at Smaaash
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Distance: 27 Km from Delhi

Delhi and NCR's first multiple levels Karting Arena, is built up in gurugram at Smaaash. The place offers a lot of fun for children and adults both, by providing the racing track built on German technology. Since the high-class techniques are used, you will be able to get the complete entertainment. It also ensures the safety of Riders and lots of fun, while you enjoy your holiday trip in the most amazing environment.

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F9 Go Karting in Gurgaon
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 42 Km from Delhi

F9 go-karting is situated in gurugram again, where you can find a completely unique experience. It all starts while you are racing on the dedicated four-wheel karts, over the specific track. You can simply select the time span, for which you want to race with other participants. Since all the karts are equipped with the latest technology and features. In order to make sure, that you can enjoy the maximum level of your racing.

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Segway Trip at Rajpath
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 15km

Battery operated two-wheeler vehicles are available over the Raj path, for the people who want to have fun in an adventurous manner. The experts available there demonstrate the riding of Segway, then provide the training to the visitors who can simply drive for few minutes; to the nearby places of Raj path.

Valley Crossing Adventure
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 13 Km from Delhi

Gurugram offers 70 feet of Rock, which can be used for Rock climbing and Valley crossing in the morning hours; by the visitors. You simply can enhance your adventurous experiences, while you visit the place which provides an incomparable view of the city; from the top of it. Even if you are going to be the first time adventurers, you will be able to manage and enjoy a great deal.

Water Park in Gurgaon
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 12 Km from Delhi

When you are planning to have lots of fun, entertainment, and adventure; at the same time. You can simply visit the Oyster Beach in Gurgaon. The place that offers a family outing with the best possible experience, you ever had. You can enjoy loads of rides, along with the kids. So that fun never ends, with the entertaining environment of the most acknowledged place.

Kidzania in Gurgaon
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 22 Km from Delhi

Themed on the future of kids, KidZania provides an Ultimate experience to the children with the provision of role plays. That they can avail in the premises of the place. Such as being a pilot, firefighter, engineer, chef, doctor, teacher and various other categories of social helpers. It makes them more active and energetic in their life, for the future aspects. You can have a completely unique experience while visiting the place for a day's picnic.

Lotus Temple
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 12 Km from Delhi

One of The most appreciated and famous Masterpieces of architecture and Indian culture, invites the visitors with open arms. You can have a day trip planned, for the sight-seeing and various other places. That includes Lotus Temple, as the most prominent place. The structure is built in the form of a lotus flower, that is visible to the tourists from far away places.

Surajkund Craft Mela
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 56 Km from Delhi

It is one of the most popular and renowned places in Faridabad, that offers various fair and celebration in the specific time of year. So that you can visit and enjoy the cultural activities, that symbolizes the tradition of India in the most accurate way. People from various parts of the country visit to demonstrate their craftsmanship, in the fair held annually. You can simply experience unity in diversity, by visiting the fair of the place.

Wax Museum in Delhi
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 12 Km from Delhi

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is another worth visiting place, which you should not miss out on. The attractive Museum is located in New Delhi Connaught Place, where you can spend your day and watch the wax Statues Of different celebrities and renowned people; who have brought the glory to the world with their contribution in the specific field. There is an entry fee, depending upon the days of the week which you can inquire about.

Haat Market in Delhi
1 Night and 2 Days Package
Distance: 12 Km from Delhi

Dilli Haat is another well-known place, where you can enjoy the glimpse of Indian tradition and culture. In terms of food, clothes, dance and other cultural activities; which keep on happening on daily basis in the market of Dilli Haat. It is situated in Delhi at INA, where you can reach through the facility of the metro train.

Also, there is another small Haat, in West Delhi Janakpuri. That offers you the picture of mini India, in the most appropriate manner. You can also ride a camel and elephant, which can fulfill your craving for knowledge about the history of Indian tradition.

Apart from so many places to visit and enjoy your day, you can visit various temples and monuments. That can be included in a sightseeing package, through the tours and travel services. You can also take the assistance of the government approved guide, who can help you to view the best locations in Delhi and NCR regions. So that you can have a grand picnic, in a single day. That includes a lot of places worth visiting, while you are planning to enjoy your holiday in Delhi and NCR region.