Camping in Dhanaulti

Enjoy Cmaping In Heaven On Earth Dhanaulti

Enjoy Camping in Dhanaulti Under 300km From Delhi

Peaceful And natural environment can easily attract anyone. The mere thought of the luxurious amenities in the middle of green and wild forest, can be a dream come true. Though there are so many hill stations located in Uttarakhand. Such as Mussoorie, kanatal, Chamba, etc. However the surroundings and Charm of visiting Camping in Dhanaulti, cannot be matched with any other tourist destination in Uttrakhand. Since the place is calm and peaceful, in comparison to other tourism attractions nearby.
Also it is located in the nearest reach of the capital, Delhi. In addition to which, the place is overloaded with the natural and realistic picturesque. As the place is away from the crowded environment, of other hill stations. People love to visit Dhanaulti for its unique and tempting combination, of nature and man made facilities. Since the tourism industry is flourishing the area, with a lot of resources to develop. So that more people can spend time during their holiday season.

Easy Reachability From Known Places Delhi & Mussoorie

The hill station is in the close proximity to Mussoorie and doesn't take more than half an hour. As the place is situated in between the hills and buses or any other transport cannot go through the narrow roads of the hills. You need to take private taxis or cars; from Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Chamba, kanatal or any other nearby places. Since it is very easy to reach the place and doesn't take much time. You can enjoy your summer vacation in the best possible manner. As summer break is the best time, which you can enjoy in the middle of nature with cool Breeze blowing across your existence. It is the place, completely away from the other crowded tourist attractions. So most of the tourists love to spend time, in the calm and quiet place. In adventure camping In Dhanaulti we give 20 deluxe Tents with attached bathrooms and hotel and cold running water.

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Enjoy your Adventure activities at Dhanaulti Camps Know More about This Place

More Higher More Cool at Dhanaulti Camps

The place is located at the considerable height from the ground level. That is the reason, the weather remains pleasant and impressive in the area whole year. Most of the tourists love to shift the focus from Mussoorie and Rishikesh, to Dhanaulti. Due to the less crowd, rushing people and more peaceful environment ; which easily invites the tourism. Also the reachability to the place is very easy, for the people coming from nearby places. That too at very economical commuting charges, from maximum locations. Since you can book private Cabs from various locations very easily. Also help you to explore the area with the surrounding locations.

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Dancing Clouds Are Visible from Camping in Dhanaulti

The hill station is situated 2000 metres above the sea level and covered with the dense forest of Deodar and oak trees all around the site. Since the location is very favourable for the tourists. You can easily enjoy the site of Clouds outside your tents, simultaneously with the tempting sunrise. You can touch the clouds with all your senses, like a dream come true. It is completely unimaginable to witness the tempting view of nature, that can win everybody's heart. In fact, hotels and resorts are not so popular in Dhanaulti.

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Shooting Spots

There are so many, in fact every part of Dhanaulti, makes you click a lot of pictures. So that you can share the same with your friends and family, once back from the amazing holiday destination. People taking pictures and videos is a common scene, that makes it easy for you to pose for your camera. A lot of movies are being shot at the location of Dhanaulti, for the beauty of the natural world. You can also keep your memories safe for the future, to enhance your memorable experience. Surely, you would like to go back again to ensure that you are loved with the vast nature surrounding.

Evergreen Hill Invite

You can also plan your travel to hill station, during the winter season; from the months of November to February. So that you can enjoy the attractive scenery of snowfall and the site of Himalayan range, covered with pure and white snow all around. You can simply visit the site to get the complete satisfaction, of enjoying the snowfall time. It makes you feel all the more fortunate, that you can simply witness the nature very closely at its peak. There are so many places included, in the list of sightseeing for Dhanaulti tourists. So that they can make the best use of their time and money, while camping in Dhanaulti.

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Places to Visit in Dhanaulti

1- Eco Park- The location of 2 Eco parks, is so inviting an impressive. That you cannot resist to enter the Gardens. Seems like the nature is celebrating the lively atmosphere of the areas. Also the entry fee is quite nominal and every tourist can afford it, very easily. Once you enter into the premises of Garden, you can view the nature at its maximum beauty. Amazing variety of flora and fauna are found in abundance. That cleans away all the tension of your hectic life schedule and provides you with the energy and enthusiasm, for your future career. Such freshness of environment provides new hope and ways of positivity, to the human nature.

2- Potato Farm-Another attraction of Dhanaulti is, the potato farm ; that should not be missed at all during your visit to the hill station. You can easily reach the place and enjoy the farming of vegetables, in front of your eyes. You can observe and understand the process followed by the experts, to provide you with the best quality vegetables. That makes you more closer to the natural processes of vegetation. There is no charge for the tourists to visit the place. You can simply explore the wide fields for hours and enjoy in between the fields, with your friends and family. It offers you a very distinctive experience in life.

3- Surkanda Devi Temple-There are various temples situated in the hill station. It not only provides the religious feeling to the people, but also satisfying to the sentiment of the community. Temple of surkanda Devi is quite famous and well known, among the local and tourists. This temple is being worshipped from so many years and people visit in huge groups regularly. Some other famous temples are also providing satisfaction to the people with religious beliefs.

Fun with Camping in Dhanaulti

You can establish Camp at Dhanaulti yourself, or you can rent the material for erecting the tenta at your desirable location. Since it is very easy for you to select and book the location, depending upon your choice. Every location of Dhanaulti is very natural and tempting, that visitors love to enjoy their vacation in the maximum possible manner; in between the natural surroundings. The camps in the area are so simple, yet attractive for the tourists to stay. It is like, you can stay wherever you like. There is no restriction on the location, provided you must have booked the site in advance.

Addiction To Shopping

You can also enjoy the unique experience of shopping, in the prime market of hill station. Since the stores are filled with so many attractive gifts and souvenirs, which you can take back home. In addition to which; special Handloom products, jamavar shawls, stoles, scarfs, dress material are also very famous and Wanted among the tourists. So many people love to shop from there and gift to their loved ones, after their memorable vacation is over. Such tourist destination not only provides you, with the joy and happiness. However it also offers deep satisfaction and entertainment, which you Crave for in your busy life.

Variety In Packages

There are various packages available at an economical rate, in the middle of hill station. So that you can select the best location, as per your choice and affordability. It could be in the dense forest or near the fields. You can also visit kanatal Camp from Dhanaulti, that doesn't consume much of your time. In addition to which, you can avail the services available in the camps for the purpose of tourism. You can simply book the packages available, online. Since the camps are low in comparison with the number of visitors. It is always better to choose from the top of the locations, well in advance. So that you do not have to face any kind of trouble or challenges once you visit the site.

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Promotion For Perfection

Since the tourism of Uttarakhand has been working very dedicatedly and sincerely, in the direction of providing the best possible locations and facilities to all the tourists. So that the hill stations located within Uttarakhand, are promoted and acknowledged among the community of tourist all across the world. The camps of Dhanaulti are quite affordable, ranging from ₹ 3, 000 to ₹ 6, 000. Also depending upon the duration of your stay in the camp, as well as the number of tourists in the particular group. Family and friends group can easily find the desired location, within very less prices. Also the level of satisfaction and comfort zone is unmatched with other hills.

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